Q: Does the graduation information I receive apply to both undergraduate and graduate students?
A: Yes, this Class of 2024 website and our mass emails apply to both, undergraduate and graduate students.

Q: I'm a current graduating senior and I haven't been receiving any emails in regards to graduation. Can someone please reach out and add me to a mailing list.
A: The first email is going out in late November. All emails regarding graduation will be sent to your CityMail accounts. Make sure you double-check all folders, including Spam. If the emails are not found, please reach out to us via with answers to the following questions: Did you apply to graduation? If so, when did you apply?


Q: Do I need to apply for graduation?
A: Yes, you do. Please remember to apply and note the application deadline ( As per Registrar: You must apply about three-four months prior to the date you expect to graduate. There are 3 graduations in the academic year; Summer, Fall and Spring. The dates are published in the academic calendar.

Q: How do I apply for graduation?
A: You apply for graduation through CUNYFirst, please reference the guide from Registrar here:


Q: I believe I am eligible for an honors cord, how do I go about receiving it?
A: Normally, an honors cord is distributed by your division of study.

Q: I missed the Cap & Gown stuff! How can I get my gown?
A: Cap & Gown items will be available soon. You can get your Cap & Gown by ordering online with Herff Jones (please view the "To-Do List" tab at the top and go into the dropdown menu once made available).

Q: Is it mandatory to purchase my cap and gown?
A: It is not mandatory, however it is recommended if you are financially stable to make the purchase. It is a way for you to commemorate achieving this milestone with your loved ones.

Q: I missed the Pictures! Are they coming back?
A: Senior Portraits with Thornton Studio are available in both the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. Please be on the look out for communication from them or check out their information on the Home page to schedule an appointment with them.

Q: I missed the Ring people! I want a graduation ring, are they coming back?
A: Balfour and Herff Jones are available in the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters. Please be on the lookout for emails from them or check out their information on the Home page for information sessions/ordering online when available.

Q: How much does Graduation cost?
A: That cost is primarily up to what you decide to get. The ceremonies are cost-free. Please view the home page to see which items are recommended and which are optional.


Q: What Division am I in?
A: Your division is based on your area of study.

Q: What is the difference between Main Commencement and Divisional Ceremonies?
A: The main difference is the Main Commencement invites the entire graduating class on campus, while the Divisional Ceremonies are targeted at the graduating class of your division of study.

Q: I would like to know about potential division events for graduating students?
A: Please reach out to your division.


Q: I'm looking to get the 2023-2024 yearbook for the Class of 2024.
A: The yearbook will USUALLY be available the Fall after graduation as we include the senior class in the yearbook. You would receive an email to your city mail when the yearbook is ready for purchase.


Q: How can I request my diploma and when is it available?
A: Usually, the diploma is available approximately 3 months after the conclusion of your graduating semester. By normal procedures, you would get an email from Registrar that you can pick it up when it is ready. The best method to be updated would be to keep a lookout on your citymail for updates from Registrar or to take a look at their website:

Q: Do I need to apply for graduation to get my diploma?
A: Yes, you do. Please remember to apply and note the application deadline (


Q: I need to take summer classes, and Registrar is telling me to remove my graduation application. What happens now? Am I on the list?
A: That's pretty simple. If you have applied for graduation, then yes, you are on the list. When you "de-apply" for graduation, your name does not get removed from the list.

Q: "They" told me I can "walk" if I have some classes to take in the Fall 2023, is this true?
A: If you are taking classes in the Fall, you become part of the NEXT graduating class of 2024. If you are finishing your credit load by the end of the summer then you are eligible to walk for Spring 2024. The requirement to walk is of 6 credits or less after this Spring Semester.

If this is you please fill out this permission to walk for commencement form: Here

Please email if you have any questions. Please note that you must first complete any remaining credits you will have after this semester and then apply again for the next graduation.