Freshman Convocation Remarks

President Frantzy Luzincourt - Undergraduate Student Government

September 19th, 2019

Good Morning faculty, administration, distinguished guests, but most importantly to the incoming class of 2023! My name is Frantzy Luzincourt, I am the President of the Undergraduate Student Government, and I am joined here by my cabinet seated in the front row on the right hand side.

First and foremost I want to welcome you all to the illustrious institution that is City College here at The City University of New York. Founded in 1847 this college was the pinnacle of education for the masses, providing an intellectual space for people from across the world despite race or immigrant status. A place where dreams can become a reality, the impossible becomes possible, an environment designed to produce leaders of society. It is to no surprise that some of the greatest leaders in history have occupied this same space that you sit in today. As members of the CCNY community, we stand on tall shoulders, but I have no doubt that all of you will only add to our campus’s legacy of change making.

This past April, our college celebrated the 50th anniversary of the famous protests in 1969 where CCNY students occupied buildings on campus for weeks, demanding greater minority enrollment and revitalizing programs such as the Black Studies Department. Throughout our college’s one hundred and seventy year plus history decade after decade, student leaders on this campus took charge and demanded the institution and governments fight for those who are oppressed, serving as a voice for the voiceless, fighting for people that look like us across this city, state, and country.

I say all this, not only to salute those that came before us, or to put a burden on your shoulders but to provide context and let you know that your time at City College is whatever you make of it. Whether you want to start a business at the Zahn Innovation Center, or launch rockets at the Engineering School, or produce the hottest mixtape in the Sonic Arts studios. Whatever you decide to paint with your brush, CCNY has a lot of colors to choose from.

In 2016, I arrived here at City College straight from high school with at what the time seemed to be the “master plan” that would guide my years here until graduation. Lo and behold, almost four years later and I still encounter surprises throughout my college career. Things won’t always go as planned, but that is just part of the experience. Embrace the unknown, approach things with a curious optimism and understand that you don’t have to have all the answers! Often times we focus so much on the destination that we forget to enjoy the ride.

As a student government, the oldest in the nation founded in 1867, our job is to serve you the students, and help make your transition to City College as seamless as possible. I ask that all of you look around the room at the diverse faces that are next you. Our college is one of the most diverse in the country, embrace it and learn from each other. Whether you came from high school, or community college, or took time off, you are all here on this journey together. You come from communities that believe in you and supported you thus far, never forget where you came from. The road to graduation will not be easy, and there will be challenges, but you must remain proactive in your education, remember why you came here and what you hope to accomplish. The resources are plentiful and this student government welcomes you with open arms. Network, join an organization, get involved with Greek life, whatever you decide to do there is a space for everyone, of all identities and values, and we all want each other to succeed. “For it is said that if you want to go quick than travel alone but if you want to go far, travel together”.

With that being said the Student Government welcomes you, if you ever have any questions or need assistance you can locate us in NAC 1/110, or follow us on Instagram at USGCCNY and we’re on Facebook as well. I invite you all to the festivities that we have prepared for you all across the street at the quad where there will be food, drinks, music and an opportunity to meet and talk to your elected representatives. Welcome to City College, its show time!

Thank You