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Humanizing Homelessness

Undergraduate Social Service Club at the City College of New York.

Our Mission Statement 

We aim to deteriorate the growing social stigma that surrounds homelessness in Harlem, and on a grander scale in America. Many people believe that those who are homeless have no motivation to better themselves and deserve their position in society. We, however, disagree and believe that not all homeless people deserve to be relegated to such a low standard. We want to give a voice to those who are voiceless, and more than anything else, desire to actively make a difference in our local community.

Who are we?

We are a student-run civic engagement initiative project that aims to provide New York City's Homeless with direct resources. We strongly believe that every small step makes a huge difference!

What do we do?

We dedicate our free time to volunteering in soup kitchens and food pantries in NYC. Our primary focus, however, is to create care packages for the homeless population.

When do we meet?

We meet every Thursday, during club hours in the NAC Rotunda. This will be official if and when we get approved as a club on the CCNY campus.