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Art & Craft Lessons

Art and Craft Videos Links:

DIY Room Decor:

DIY Mason Jars:

Paper Mache Vase (Balloon Base):

Cardboard Vase:

Newspaper Vase:

Paper Quilling:

Popsicle Fruit Basket:

Paper Angel:

Paper Cycle:

Paper Honeycomb Ball:

Straw-Weaved Bookmark:



Art & Craft Lessons

DrawSpace: Learn the basics of drawing including Contours, Shading Techniques, Composition and Perspective, People and Animals, Color, etc.(

Berkeley University of California Art Studio: How far can we go with making art with items accessible at our home? Take a look at these classes! There is Zoom live classes, but there are also recorded sessions. “Have fun making art with what you have in your home. We’ll be offering everything from homemade salt dough recipes to collage to paper clay sculpture. Whether you are stuck in your apartment alone or at home with your kids, these projects are suited for everyone. Let’s think outside the box and have fun!” (

ArtyFactory: Take a look at this comprehensive list of resources from art lessons, to art appreciation to design lessons. (

My Modern Met: The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) have released a number of free courses that engage viewers with the art and curation world, take a look at what they have to offer! (

Online Art Lessons: Consist of more intermediate-level classes that demonstrates the process of creating realistic paintings and drawings from medium including pencil, ink, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. (

The Virtual Instructor: The Virtual Instructor is holding a series of free online classes in response to COVID19. Among which is drawing boot camp for those that are interested. If you are interested in partaking in a drawing fundamental intensive, this can be a boot camp you are interested in. If you are interested in learning more, there is also a paid membership option to partaking in recorded and online art demonstrations every week with a variety of subject and mediums.(