Though academics always take priority, we at Club Relations & Reservations can only hope that we have the most active bunch of college students. Therefore, please refer to this website as a guide to learn more about various events, resources, and most importantly, student clubs.

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Student clubs are the heart and soul of student life here at CCNY. They provide excellent opportunities for making friends, developing leadership skills and enhancing students' college experience. The Department of Student Life and Leadership Development registers all City College clubs and assists them in the planning and development of their events throughout the academic school year. This site is designed to help you successfully navigate your club experience.

If you follow the above tabs, you will find, the full listing of student clubs, club funding information, club spaces, etc. Below you will find the Club Relations and Reservations Associates. Good luck with your endeavors in City College and we hope you have an enjoyable experience!

Note for current executive officers:
Please make sure to use this website to your advantage in promoting your clubs! If you want to provide any material for this website, please email

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