If you have any questions regarding the event request process for clubs, feel free to check out the frequently asked questions listed below!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question has not been answered, please email Club Relations team at and we will be happy to assist you.

"How do I create an event?"

You can create an event by going to Campusgroups>Click on Events>Create Events>Fill out form.                                            For more detailed explanation, please check out the google document here.

Can I use other websites such as Eventbrite to register people for my event?

Yes you can, but please note that CampusGroups is preferred because you will still need to then add all participants to the Campusgroups event and check in everyone for us to keep track of people who attended your event to be in compliance.

How can we reach out to incoming and former students about our club events?

When you appeal for your event to be approved you will be asked if you want your event to be promoted by us (SLLD) or you can promote the event on your social media accounts to reach your desired audience.

Can I make a joint event with other clubs?

Yes it is encouraged to have events with other clubs, just make sure to note that when creating the event on CampusGroups.