If you have any questions regarding your club's registration process, feel free to check out the frequently asked questions listed below!


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question has not been answered, please email our Club Relations team at and we will be happy to assist you.

“How do I start a club on campus?”

Thank you for showing your interest in starting a club at CCNY! The club registration steps, requirements, and instructions are accessible here. We highly suggest that you check our club listings prior to registering a club to make sure that there are no duplicates!

"When does club registration begin? When does club Registration end?”

The Club Registration process occurs every Spring semester. The registration form will open late-February and continue until late March with several orientation dates in between. These dates will be listed on the Club Relations’ calender (accessible here).

“I want to reassign a board member and give his/her position to another member how do I go about this exchange?”

Please email us at with the first and last names, eboard position, address, phone number, citymail and EMPLID of the new eboard member to whom you would like to assign the position. Following your request, we will email you a blank SSC Card (with instructions on how to electronically sign these documents) for all eboard members to sign. After you email us the signed documents, we will review, approve and make the necessary changes in our system.

"One of the members on my e-board signed the contract incorrectly, I was informed that I need to sign again with the proper city mail account how do I refill the document with the new member?"

All contracts/SCC card must be signed electronically. The most common mistake we encounter is that club leaders sign these documents with their personal email address rather than their citymail address. We cannot process your request successfully if you do not use your citymail address. Instructions on how to electronically sign this document will be sent to you - for SSC cards, you follow the same steps as before, but this time using your citymail address. Please note that once an SSC card has been signed, you cannot edit this signature, you must start with a blank copy.

"Club email?"

Pre-existing clubs should ALL have access to their club's gtest accounts. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please let us know so that we can reset it for you. New Clubs: After you are approved you will be receiving your club's email which we create for you.

“I need to update my information listed on my Club Registration, how do I go about this?”

Please send us an email at detailing what information is incorrect and we will contact you as soon as possible with follow-up instructions.

"I have an upcoming event and would like to email the entire school, how can I go about this?"

Club Relations does not have permission to broadcast emails for individual clubs. Please contact your faculty advisor so that they can submit a broadcast request for you. Further instructions are provided through the following link: Broadcasting Emails

"I have completed my application and pressed "save," however, an error saying "Please select Quantities" shows up, what do I do?"

Often some students come across this error on Campus Groups and we aren't sure why. However, please be informed that we have successfully received your completed application and will be in contact with you in regards to your club's status. Thank you!​

"You're asking for my Club Contract, but you never sent us a blank copy!"

Haha, our apologies. Feel free to email us, letting us know about this mistake. Please be aware that you are required to submit your club contract as part of the Club Registration Form that is to be completed via CampusGroups. We apologize for the confusion.

"I'm confused, you want our Club Website through CampusGroups but we don't have access to our club's Campus Groups page?"

After you are approved as a club, we will create a page for your club where the executive board members will have access to all of the features on that page. Once you have access, you will be able to create your website within your club's page. You will then be able to link your current Facebook website to your CampusGroups page (that is what we mean by the website domain on CampusGroups).

"Okay, I submitted everything. When will I know if my club is approved?"

Due to a large number of registration applications, it takes our team approximately four weeks to have ALL clubs approved. Clubs are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the earlier your club submitted their application, the earlier you will be informed of your club's status.

"What is the difference between a pre-existing and a returning club on the Club Registration Form?"

Pre-existing clubs mean that your club was already registered for the previous year. For example, if you are registering your club to be an official club for 2021-2022, and your club was an official club for 2020-2021, you would be marked as a pre-existing club.

Think of returning clubs as clubs "making a come-back." They were not registered for the previous year but was once an established club and want to be renewed. For example, if you wanted to register a club that stopped being active in 2016 but want to make them an official club for the upcoming semester, they would be marked as a returning club.