Academic Affairs

  • Receive reports on academic services, i.e. advisement services, library services, writing center
  • Develop educational and scholarship programs that benefit the undergraduate student body
  • Investigate academic related issues

Current Initiatives

  • Meeting with Deans and Faculty to improve educational curriculum
  • Representing the student body during Faculty Senate Academic Integrity Meetings

Campus Affairs

  • Responsible for advising the USG on matters pertaining to public safety, facilities, athletics, and undergraduate student organizations
  • Shall enforce USG policies governing student organizations and their activities
  • Provide support and guidance to undergraduate student organizations and maintain their records and documents
  • Represent the USG on any college committees or bodies pertaining to club activities, facilities, and intercollegiate athletics, and public safety, or appoint designees
  • Serve as a liaison between the USG and the Towers' staff and assume other responsibilities as the USG may direct

Current Initiatives

  • Working with Facilities on improving the NAC building's escalators and elevators


  • Review the operational budget and make appropriate recommendations for changes
  • Review and approve all applications for funding in accordance with funding policies prescribed by the USG
  • Review all allocations and and make appropriate recommendations for the USG
  • Make recommendations to the USG regarding the status of the Student Activity Fee
  • Research other sources of funds to be channeled into student activities

Current Initiatives

  • Allocating funds for undergraduate clubs and USG events

Public Affairs

  • Responsible for maintaining communication between USG, the undergraduate student body, and the community
  • Oversees USG's social media presence, website, and publications
  • Represents USG on the Media Board as well as college committees or bodies pertaining to public relations
  • Transmits USG's missions and values

Current Initiatives

  • Updating the USG social media pages and website
  • Creating flyers and planning for the End of Semester Ball
  • Creating the USG Spring 2024 Semester Lavender Letter

Student Affairs

  • Maintain correspondence with senior administrators to ensure the preservation and improvement of student services
  • Advocate on behalf of disabled, international, and transfer students and other underrepresented groups on campus
  • Work beside the Division of Student Affairs to organize the community-related service events to enhance the experience of students on campus
  • Make appropriate recommendations to the Department of Student Life and Leadership Development on behalf of USG

Current Initiatives

  • Working on developing a survey to assess how online learning effects students' mental health with the Office of Enrollment Management

Judicial Council

  • Conducts internal USG impeachment trials and carries out disciplinary action
  • Review and revise bylaws as needed
  • Oversee activities of all committees
  • Maintain records and documents of Senate, the Cabinet and all committees
  • Review and investigate appeals of Title IX claims received from the Ombudsperson

Current Initiatives

  • Reviewing individual Senator performances
  • Revising the bylaws