Meet the Cabinet!

Asif Sattar


Asif A. Sattar is a third year studying Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Legal Studies graduating next spring. He is a participant in the Honors Program for Legal Studies, a Student Success Guide. Professionally, Asif places an academic emphasis on the global political economy, international law, geopolitics and human rights. He eventually hopes to pursue a legal education to enhance his knowledge on the various political, economic, and legal factors that can aid in the pursuit of community-based equity. On his free time, Asif enjoys collecting records, learning how to play the guitar and studying history.

Aila Choudhary

Executive Vice President

Aila Choudhary is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She has been part of USG since her freshman year as a representative and has since enjoyed serving as a liaison between the administration and the student body. It has allowed her to work her way up to now being the Executive Vice President. This year, her main goals are to plan major events, expand student spaces, and develop collaborative relationships with clubs. She looks forward to continuing to expand religious/cultural representation on campus and revitalizing student life!

Miguel Arias

VP of Academic Affairs

Yara Abdelrahman

VP of Student Affairs

Khizar Imran

VP of Finance

Abdullah Mohiuddin

Student Ombudsperson

Bragye Payano

Speaker of the Senate

Jessica Garcia

Secretary of the Senate

Meet our Senate!

Olivia Cruz

CLAS Senator

Commissioner of Scholarships

Jaquan Brown

CLAS Senator

Nicolas Aksert

CLAS Senator

Magan Sylla

CLAS Senator

Chase Whitmire Johnson

CLAS Senator

Maureen Nelson

BIOMED Senator

Nadeem Ali

Engineering Senator

Radiyah Khan

Engineering Senator

Ludmilla Joseph

SEEK Senator

Jerry Vaughn

At-Large Senator

Fahlovi Noman

At-Large Senator

Mashud Choudhury

At-Large Senator

Derrick Thomas, Jr.

At-Large Senator

Aman Malik

At-Large Senator

Fuhad Khan

At-Large Senator

Syeda Ferdous

At-Large Senator