Statement Concerning the Department of Student Life

President Frantzy Luzincourt - Undergraduate Student Government

November 19th, 2019

Good Afternoon Students,

As the elected body of student representatives, the Undergraduate Student Government’s mission is to advocate on behalf of students by fighting for our best interest. For this reason, our student government has been relentlessly pushing for change in City College; utilizing tactics to apply pressure at a level unseen in decades from a student government in City College.

A recurring point of frustration among club leaders and students alike is the mind-boggling inefficiency of the Student Life & Leadership Development office. Regularly, we hear of events being cancelled at the last minute, reservation requests being denied in spite of room availability, and, above all, the infamous “24 business days” policy for event reservations. Indeed, the dissatisfaction with Student Life is so widespread that during one of this month’s USG meetings, I asked a room-full of senators from different schools and divisions if any one of them was satisfied with the state of Student Life — not a single elected student leader raised their hand. Accordingly, we have been exploring strategies to hold Student Life accountable to a higher standard of operation, and enact much needed changes within that department.

To this end, we have resorted to one of our most important tools for effecting change: the Student Services Corporation (SSC). The SSC oversees and allocates the Student Activity Fee (SAF), which all students pay each semester and is distributed to student government, athletics, health & wellness center, etc. As the elected student leaders on campus, we have five seats on the SSC board, which gives us the ability to approve, amend, or deny any transferral or allocation of SAF funds.

As such, and after careful deliberation, we moved to suspend Student Life’s budget. In doing so, we affirm that the $250,000 of student money that Student Life receives should be well spent on improving the quality of student life on our campus.

In addition to demanding a higher standard of operation from Student Life, which currently does not have a Director, there are also several policies in the Beaver Life Club Handbook that we find disagreeable and for which we will be proposing solutions. If any student wants to provide feedback on possible ways to improve Student Life, please feel free to reach out to USG via instagram (@USGCCNY) or visit us in NAC 1/111.

Remember, USG is here to serve the students and help our campus community reach its fullest potential. We are willing and committed to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. Ultimately, the struggle for a better City College is ours alone to fight. The students united will never be defeated.

Yours in Service,

Frantzy Luzincourt

President - Undergraduate Student Government